Flyingvoice FIP10 IP Phone

Τηλέφωνα VoIP


Includes ΦΠΑ (24.00 %)
Κωδικός προϊόντος 01.01.0677
Brand Flyingvoice
Stock Εκτός αποθέματος

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Includes ΦΠΑ (24.00 %)


FIP10 is an economic desktop IP phone which equipped 128 x 64 dot-matrix display with backlight. It supports 2 SIP accounts, 2.4G Wi-Fi, dual 10/100 Mbps ports, iPv4/iPv6 and integrated PoE (Only FIP10P). Get this cost-effective IP phone for your HD VoIP calls.

VoIP Phones

Sip λογαριασμοί 2 Registrations
Codecs G.729A/B, G.711μ/a-law, G.726, G.722 (wide-band), G.723, iLBC, OPUS, in-band and out-of-band DTMF (in audio, RFC2833, SIP INFO), VAD, CNG, AEC, PLC, AJB, AGC
Θύρα Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
Οθόνη 128x64
Πλήκτρα -
Ήχος HD Ναι
PoE Ναι
Εγγύηση 2 Έτη
Τύπος Σταθερό
WiFi Ναι
Bluetooth Yes
Προϊόν Περιγραφή Κωδικός
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